Rally to Keep Boulder County GMO-Free

In response to the Boulder County Commissioners’ plan to allow GMOs (genetically modified organisms) to be grown on County of Boulder open space, citizens rallied on the front lawn of the courthouse to show their opposition. A few hundred concerned Boulderites turned out to show the Commissioners that the people are deeply concerned about plans to plant genetically modified crops on County open space reserved for agriculture.

Genetically modified crops are seen in virtually every component of our food; nearly all corn products are genetically modified, along with soy, canola, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya and some zucchini and yellow squash. These species are modified through the use of gene splicing techniques to make them resistant to commercial herbicides and pesticides. This simply means that farmers can treat their crops with more herbicides and pesticides than a non-GM plant could survive. This results that in our food supply containing higher levels of these harmful chemicals than an organic crop would. And because we rely on these crops not only to feed ourselves but also our livestock, it means that these chemicals are present in the vast majority of our foodstuffs. Some plants are even modified to produce pesticides naturally, which is great for the survival of the crops, but once those crops become food all of those harmful chemicals become a part of our meals. Studies regarding the effects of long term GMO consumption indicate that a GMO heavy diet can lead to a plethora of adverse health effects, such as cancer, fetal defects and miscarriages, as well as issues with major organ and gastrointestinal function. For comprehensive facts regarding GMOs, please click here.

The introduction of these crops into the ecosystem of Boulder’s open space would not only expose Boulder residents to these potentially severe health risks, but it would also stimulate cross-pollination between organic and genetically modified crops, which would eventually bring about a genetic shift in the crops of Boulder County and would mean that non-GMO crops would cease to exist. Terrible, right? That’s what many of the citizens of Boulder seem to think. And that’s why they turned out in force to show the County Commissioners what they thought of their GMO open space plan. People of all ages were there holding signs and shouting choruses of “Hell no GMO!”

Here is a video the SB2020 staff made about the event, and it rocks!

GMO-Free Boulder Rally

GMO Free Boulder was there collecting signatures from Boulder County residents in opposition to the plan. It was inspiring to see residents of all ages taking an active part in the health and well-being of their community. If you’d like to get involved you can visit www.no-gmo-boulder.com and sign the petition, write a letter to the Commissioners, and or by attending any of the upcoming meetings or presentations which address the issue. Make sure that your voice is heard on this important issue and let’s work to keep Boulder as GMO-free as it can be!

Aaron Klass, SB2020 Project Assistant

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