Opening Day for Boulder Farmers’ Market

More and more people around Boulder County are coming to the Farmers’ Markets in Boulder and Longmont. Today, on opening day for the 2012 season, the crowds were large and the atmosphere upbeat. Under the beautiful sunshine, what wasn’t there to love about it? Fresh, organic produce of nearly

every variety was available. Local food vendors from some of Boulder’s best restaurants were serving lunch, musicians were playing … and there was a palpable sense of community.

This is the 25th anniversary of the Boulder Farmers’ Market, and it has grown substantially in the breadth of offerings and the numbers of active participants.

As they say themselves,

“The idea of a Farmer’s Market is as old as time. In times past, markets were the centers of towns and villages, the place people gathered to buy or barter goods and services and to catch up on village news. Today, Farmer’s Markets are thriving throughout the country, providing quality produce fresh from the field, preserving local farms, revitalizing downtown areas and creating a social opportunity for city and country folks to come together.” will have a presence at every Wednesday Boulder Farmers’ Market throughout 2012. Please come by our tent to say hello and share about your vision for our sustainable future!


Rick Levine for the staff of

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