Paradigm Nouveau Foundation

Paradigm Nouveau Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established in 2010 to carry out the humanitarian missions initiated by Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises. Its primary project is Sustainable Boulder by 2020, a Clinton Global Imitative Commitment to Action. In this commitment, the Foundation works to create innovative economic models for sustainable development, grassroots community engagement through digital and social media campaigns, and catalogs the development of sustainable communities to create models that can be replicated around the world.

Audrey James
Executive Director | Paradigm Nouveau Foundation

Audrey James is the founder & Executive Director of Paradigm Nouveau Foundation. She was also founder & CEO of Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises, LLC, from 2005-2011. She has a 30 year background in transformational education and humanitarian efforts. Ms. James is a 10 year member of the Clinton Global Initiative. It was Audrey’s vibrant vision for the future that seeded Paradigm Nouveau and it is her boundless energy and enthusiasm that provides the water and light to keep it growing. Contact: