What is your 2020 vision for a sustainable future?

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SB2020 Visions

  1. Denise Perreault: A creative reuse center for Boulder County, where reusable materials from businesses, industry, and public are provided at low-cost to educators, artists, students and the public. Art Parts Creative Reuse Center is working towards a future facility which will also include classrooms, workshop space, an art gallery, and up-cycled artisan consignments.

  2. Ralph: No more meat-eaters! Yep, besides the inhumanity, it is ecologically unsound. The UN is calling for a shift towards a vegan diet. Go for it!

  3. Matty B: I hope Boulder has significantly reduced the amount of car use (especially single-occupancy vehicles) in the city, and that most city streets are for biking and walking, and limited bus use. Take back the streets! Net-zero requirements on capital construction (at the least, construction done by city/taxpayer funds) Mandatory (but hopefully voluntary) water rationing. **City zoning rules of NO LAWNS!!** Only native plant use.

  4. Anthony Salvo: No trash, at all. All electric cars and buses driven by wind generated power. Community based healthcare system.

  5. Sharon Hanany: By 2020, people's general mindset towards energy means that when a person is buying a new car or building a new house, they ask themselves,"Which renewable energy will I use to power this investment?"

  6. Nina: By the year 2020, I hope that every aspect of society is on the road to environmental harmony - or better yet, already there.

  7. Erica: In 2020, the world will have a more sustainable energy source to eliminate the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

  8. burt rashbaum: a city with lots of young families - thriving parks - locavores everywhere, in all seasons, not too many cars, and those there are, are plug-ins. an active creative community, theater, music, poetry, happenings, open space, honoring elders, gathering wisdom, a jewel in the crown of our state, our nation, our world.

  9. Michael Cooper: Community Shared Agriculture and local shared gardens.

  10. Rick Levine: A Boulder with 50% fewer cars

  11. Paul Sheldon, Natural Capitalism Solutions: Healthy food; affordable public transit; walkable neighborhoods; ICE-free (internal combustion engine-free) transit corridors; clean, affordable, renewable energy; open, inter-generational communication amongst diverse communities; cordial, respectful, reverent resolutions of disputes; prosperous, stable manufacturing and service economies providing diverse services to broad markets worldwide; corporate performance defined by social benefit. SB2020!

  12. paradigm: Paradigm Nouveau commits to assist Boulder, Colorado in becoming an economically, ecologically and equitably sustainable community by 2020. This will be achieved by developing an innovative locally-generated financial vehicle that provides essential financing for sustainable community development projects and by establishing media-based grassroots leadership for engaging and educating the citizens of Boulder. Central to our commitment is the goal of developing a replicable model that can be applied in other communities.